BBR trackThe game has characteristic and memorable locations such as the coast town resembling Monaco, the bustle of a South American carnival, the snowy slopes of the Alps and a typically American environment.
Track layouts are varied – there are winding tracks and tracks with long straight sections. Level tracks and tracks that climb and dip.
Each track has shortcuts that players can take to save time, but they are harder to navigate and require a skilled driver.
The track environment determines the properties of the race track and the area next to it. If the player leaves the track, the car can slide on grass or sand in the desert or snow in the mountains, and the car reacts differently on these surfaces. Sand or ice may pollute the tracks, depending on the environment, making your ideal course more dangerous and the race more exciting.
The main goal was to create tracks which stay fun for a long time to come. Players have to be ready for new challenges all the time. This way the race is truly interactive, and the arcade controls are not reduced to full throttle and some easy cornering.

The tracks are based on real-life race tracks, we looked at fun corner combinations, where finding the ideal racing line makes the race exciting. We combined these with easier curves and straights, where players can relax a bit, and enjoy the race. The goal was to create an ever-changing experience.



Featuring four distinct car classes with five models each, there’s a car for every type of racer in the family:

•    N-Dura Class: With strong grip, good control and moderate speed, this intro class will bring you up to speed and deliver your first taste of nitro boosting!
•    Evo GT: Faster, greater drift around corners, insane acceleration with even more nitro – mastering these beasts is a bit of challenge.
•    Protech: You’re going to need some wicked moves to conquer these racing machines – don’t forget to use those brakes either, as these babies can move!
•    Apex: Hope you’re ready for the major leagues as these are the fastest cars on the planet – highly agile but also fragile, requiring the tightest control imaginable.

BBRWithin each class you’ll find five different models that have different acceleration, top-speed, nitro, strength and steering/handling attributes. Customization is also key and the look and paint jobs for your car are up to you – there are even eight unlockable skins to earn! Gamers can find a car in each class that fits their exact racing style and the track selected for racing.