Spam policy

The operator of publishes the following spam policy concerning all unsolicited e-mail messages, pursuant to the legislation in force, in particular (the Hungarian) Act CVIII of 2001 on e-commerce and other aspects of information society, and (the Hungarian) Act XLVIII of 2008 on the conditions and limitations of commercial advertising:

  • The Operator will not tolerate spam and distances itself from any actions related to spamming, given that they are illegal. The Operator does not partake in or overlook spamming. We do everything in our power to protect our users from this problem, therefore we report all related actions to the competent authorities.
  • Spamming is unsolicited advertising via e-mail, message groups, (IRC post/IM/ICQ) and instant messaging clients (that is all devices suitable for the transmission of electronic messages). Do not send e-mail to people who have not asked for it!
  • If you have received spam messages or have noticed spamming, please report it by contacting us at
  • The Operator may send to User messages containing technical information closely related to the services. These are not considered advertisements, therefore the consent of User is not required for their reception.